SubText Consultations & Writer’s Clinic


There are times in every writer’s work when we dread facing the emptiness of the blank screen or page, when the words run dry, when the characters we have created turn against us, behaving in ways that we don’t understand.  When we lose the thread that connects us to our unconscious creativity we can find ourselves blocked, stuck, and frustrated.

SubText Consultations  offers the chance to review your work and your process with a psychotherapist who writes. Our consultants offer their professional training, expertise, and experience to help other writers get through the dry spells, move through the maze, and dig out from under the blocks that  all writers regularly encounter on their journeys.

We can coach you through creating your own rituals and structures which help to deepen your writing practice and collaborate more respectfully with your own unconscious processes. We can help you harness the spontaneous creativity and archetypal imagery of your psyche through, for example, dream work, journaling, and the active imagination work of C. G. Jung. We will help you to find your voice.

Our Writer’s Clinic offers fiction writers a chance to put their characters “on the couch” and to confer with a psychotherapist about the internal, psychological continuity of a character’s life, about how environmental stressors and traumas might impact their development and relationships to other characters. We can scan for psychological continuity. We can also examine the writer’s relationship to their own characters to assist the writer in allowing themselves to understand and imagine a more fully realized living character.

We offer our services in the office individually and in writers groups for those in NYC, through video conferencing, and particularly through written consultations which allow us to engage in dialogue  –  creating a written record  – as we use our writers’ brains together to address writing concerns.

Although our consultants are practicing psychotherapists who have worked for many years with diverse individuals, including novelists, poets, journalists, bloggers and academics, at  SubText Consultations we offer ourselves in a different capacity – as fellow writers who look at the world through a psychological lens. Bringing our life-experience as psychotherapists along with us, we look to offer consultation, coaching, and support to fellow writers in their work, through all the sticky and stuck patches.

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