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Martha M. Crawford received her degree from NYU School of Social Work in 1995, and Advanced Certificate in Clinical Social Work. She has studied Depth Psychology at Blanton Peale Institute. She is an autodidact who has spent the past 20 years studying psychoanalytic theory, mythology, dream work, ecopsychology, depth psychology, theology and esoterica.

In her private psychotherapy practice she has worked with authors and writers of all kinds: screenwriters, playwrights, lyricists, poets, novelists, essayists, memoirists, journalists, bloggers and academics.

She is the author of the blog: What a Shrink Thinks: a psychotherapists journal.

She can be reached at whatashrinkthinks@yahoo.com

56103_2David Amarel  received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from NYU in 2002, and a Masters in Fine Arts from Rutgers University in 1985.

David has a strong interest in narrative, especially the personality factors and psychological needs that impact how the story is told. As a specialist in couples therapy, David spends the majority of his professional life observing, analyzing, and intervening with interpersonal processes. Even at the most irrational moments, there is a logic to interpersonal dynamics. Psychodynamic and interpersonal insight helps the writer to create characters that behave authentically, that we can recognize.

David is also a columnist at Gazillion Voices magazine.

He can be contacted at davidamarel@yahoo.com

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