Fees and Services

We offer several different kinds of consultations.

All written and online consultation fees are $130 per 30 minutes.

Please feel free to enquire with us about designing services specific to your needs if you don’t see them reflected below.

General Writing Support and Coaching: By written correspondence:

  • Writing session: 30 minutes – (You write us about your concerns for 30 minutes –  we review and respond for 30 minutes, sending you the response at a predetermined time.)
  • Writing session follow up or Brief email consult: 15 minutes (This gives us a chance to spend 15 minutes each to explore a new idea or follow up questions that grows out of a longer written session.)

Online Writer’s Clinic:  Services consists of any or all of the following:

  • Reviewing whole works, chapters, or brief character summaries for psychological continuity, psychosocial-education on issues pertinent to the subject, suggested theoretical psychology readings and assessment questions to drive character development forward.
  • Exploring diagnostic formulations, precursors, family history, prognosis,  symptomatology, and relational dynamics of fictional characters.
  • Exploring the writer’s personal history as it intersects with the internal relationships, associations, biases, attachments, associations  and resistances to characters in order to create a more authentic and complete character.

In office consultations: at our NYC offices at 11 Hanover Square,

  • Writers group: 90 minutes – $70,
  • Individual session: 45 minutes – $185

We can accept payment by cash, check, credit card or through PayPal.

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